2023 Board of Directors Alma Law, Ami Vincent, Sarah Reilley

Photo credit: Nate Shoutis


Ami Vincent

Ami Vincent, founder of the Bookmarked Literary Arts Festival is passionate about writing, and maybe even more passionate about reading. Life long learner, former librarian, always reading at least two books at a time, and a writer who dabbles in this and that. Ami moved to Wyoming in 2012 and has been astounded and inspired by the literary talent that exists here. She thinks it's time the rest of the world knew about it, too. Her favorite genre is cookbooks. 

Sarah Reilley

Sarah is a former English teacher who writes whatever comes to mind at any given time. She has published two children's chapter books, two thrillers, one creative non-fiction,  one writing workbook for middle-grade students, and numerous articles for a variety of news and health publications. She fills in her time as a freelance editor and a disability advocate. 

Alma Law

Besides teaching 7th Grade Language Arts in Riverton, Alma Law bakes and rockhounds, and tends to his backyard chickens while traveling as much as he can fit in. That would do a great job of capturing his life if he didn't also love hiking and camping and throwing dinner parties with game nights. His personal spiritual journey makes a study of adventures and friendship building.